About Us

There is a unique and rare space in street fashion where individuality, cultivation, edge and sophistication harmoniously coexist, resulting in the absolute pinnacle of all streetwear. This solitary space known as Blue Art Clothing was conjured from the spirit of those who truly embrace all the soulful engineering required of an intentional life that is whole and expansive to its fruitful capacity. More than a brand, Blue Art Clothing rises as a sigil for individuals of all backgrounds who lead with originality, ambition and integrity as they create their personal brand of excellence and style. Just like its founder and creative director Femi Samuel, the Los Angeles based fashion house leverages the awe-inspiring influence of music, film and visual art as a foundation to produce an array of statement pieces of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Unlike other premium brands, Blue Art Clothing prides itself on being available at a cost respectable to the apprentice as well as the crown.